Esmeralda Lambert Jewelry

Last weekend I had the opportunity to check out Esmeralda Lambert’s jewelry shop in Harvard Square. A great store that features her own designs and the designs of other independent and artisan makers.


In addition to having a great eye for design and fashion, Esmeralda also has a strong sense of social responsibility. Every piece in the shop has a story and Esmeralda can tell you the stories behind each and every piece and designer featured in her shop. Like some of these pieces below, whose designer creates each item with a specific charity in mind and gives proceeds from each sale to that charity.


I saw a ton of great pieces including these gorgeous clutches and statement necklaces:

but my favorite part of the experience was hearing Esmeralda’s story.


This adorable couple is Esmeralda with her husband and co-founder. They met in business school, and manage the business together. Esmeralda originally began as a designer, working with jewelry makers from her home country The Dominican Republic. It was important for Esmeralda to bring a piece of her culture with her to the US, and provide women an opportunity to earn a decent wage (particularly stay at home moms who wouldn’t otherwise be able to work).

Just a few months ago, Esmeralda took the leap from selling her pieces in other stores to opening her own shop in Harvard Square (although her pieces are still available in other boutiques. I highly recommend checking it out for yourself, especially with Valentine’s Day right around the corner!


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