Pure Barre Rescheduled

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We had to postpone our recent Blog and Tweet Boston Pure Barre event due to Nemo. The new date is 3/2 at 2:30pm, at Pure Barre’s 350 Newbury Street location!

Pure Barre is a fast, effective way to reshape your body by utilizing small isometric movements to lift your seat, tone your thighs, abs and arms and burn fat. See results in 10 classes. Visit their site to learn more.


Instructor Fiona will lead us through an upbeat, fun class. Owner of @PureBarreBos Lauren Marett Sherman will be there to assist us in perfecting our technique.
This is a complimentary class for Boston bloggers only.


If you’re interested in attending please share your email address with us one of the following ways:

Follow @BlogAndTweetBos on Twitter and DM us your email address

Join our Facebook group, Blog and Tweet Boston, and be sure to leave a comment sharing your email address with us

By attending the event you are agreeing to publish a blog post about the event within 2 weeks of attending. When you share your email address requesting an invitation, you are agreeing to join the Blog and Tweet Boston email list, where we’ll periodically alert you of new events.

Blog and Tweet Boston, it is a group I founded with Jen (@BosBachelorette) to connect bloggers with local businesses through fun events. Follow us on twitter @blogandtweetbos or join our facebook group to hear about upcoming events!

*Please note this is a class open to bloggers new to Pure Barre

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