Gilt Warehouse Sale Coming to Boston

I’m so excited that the legendary Gilt City Warehouse Sale is coming back to Boston next week! On Friday, September 12 and Saturday, September 13 at Space 57 at The Revere Hotel (200 Stuart Street) you can attend this pop-up shopping party and score some amazing deals!

Tickets range from $10 – $25 and include entrance plus complimentary cocktails, drinks, and snacks! Purchase yours here.

Complete Details

Guests can sip cocktails with their friends during the two-day shopping party, where they’ll find designer clothing and accessories from Gilt’s top brands for women, men and kids, plus home decor and more at up to 90% off retail.

Shop hundreds of the most coveted brands, from both up-and-coming designers and the most venerable fashion houses. Score designer finds from brands like Zac Posen, Helmut Lang, Missoni, Vera Wang, Badgley Mischka, Carolina Herrera and more. For the guys, think John Varvatos, Paul Smith and GANT, just to name a few.

Plus – for the first time, we’re opening up our exclusive VIP media preview session to Gilt City members. A very limited number of tickets are available to this session, so be sure to snag one to get first access to the sale!

Choose from 6 different sessions:

Early Access VIP media preview (limited number of tickets available to Gilt City members): Friday, September 12, 7PM-9PM, $25
Friday, September 12, 9:30PM-11:30PM, $20
Saturday, September 13, 9AM-11AM, $10
Saturday, September 13, 11AM-1PM, $10
Saturday, September 13, 1PM-3PM, $10
Saturday, September 13, 3PM-5PM, $10

Ticket also includes:

Complimentary signature cocktails
Fashionable, fun and affordable statement pieces by greenbeads by Emily & Ashley available for purchase
Complimentary snacks and drinks provided by Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps, popchips and evamor

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Time to Reevaluate and Reprioritize

Warning: Today’s post is a bit of a rant (and not even a well written rant at that)

I’m not sure if anyone reads this regularly since I post so sporadically (please leave me a comment if you do!) but I’m hoping just the possibility that someone might will make me more accountable.

I’ve been frustrated with myself lately because I have so many goals and things I say are important to me, yet I continue to do things that are completely counterproductive to what it is I say I want.

They are all interrelated so here are some of the things I say (and think) I want to do:

  • Lose Weight
  • Eat Healthier
  • Get in Shape
  • Save Money
  • Earn More Money
  • Focus on the projects I think will ultimately allow me to earn more money and have the kind of career and work life balance I truly want.

Here is what I’ve actually been doing:

  • Eating terribly on most days
  • Working out only 1-2 times per week, burning 200-300 calories per workout at most
  • Shopping and dining out multiple times per week
  • Focusing on attending free events and taking surveys for GCs rather than putting real work into projects that have potential to make money
  • Watching hours of tv every day

Why is it so hard to get motivated? Why are my priorities so messed up? It’s true that I like watching tv better than going to the gym, but some days I spend a half hour going through the guides (on demand, netflix, HBO Go) to find something to watch because I’ve already seen my regular shows that week. Why is it so hard to drive 5 minutes to the gym (or walk) and spend a half hour on the treadmill instead?

I want to write a book, and I’ve started on what I think is an amazing idea (best selling even). So why is it when I sit in front of the tv I choose to take surveys for Amazon or Sephora GCs instead of making myself write? I justify the surveys saying they’re like cash since I use them for things I’d be buying anyway (household goods and makeup). But if I really have a best selling idea, wouldn’t publishing the book earn me infinitely more to spend on these things plus that cute LV clutch I’ve been eyeing?

Why do I go to every event I’m invited to, even the ones I’m not interested in? I feel like I never have enough time (despite the tv), I’ll need to take more time to write about it, I’ll eat unhealthy food, drink too many cocktails, and feel bad about myself later.

It ends now.

I’ve decided to use this blog as a place to track progress towards my actual goals and hold myself responsible. Some are easier to monitor daily than others, but the daily goals will be somewhat of a check list. The others will be more in the form of periodic updates.

If anyone is following and wants to join in, feel free to leave updates in the comments with your own personal goals and progress.

For now, here are mine:

  1. Write at least 30 minutes a day: Done
  2. Exercise at least 5 days a week, 30 minutes minimum: Done, this morning I did day one of a Couch to 5K Program for 30 minutes total
  3. Meal prep and only eat out at places that are worth it
  4. Track my calories on My Fitness Pal every day
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G20 Spa

This past Sunday, the award winning G2O Spa + Salon on Newbury Street celebrated its 20th anniversary and grand re-opening since merging with sister salon Emerge (formerly located just across the street). What better way to celebrate than a fabulous party?

In addition to enjoying some delicious cocktails from Pinnacle Vodka and sampling some tasty treats from Forum, I got to tour the gorgeous facility including:

Renovated Salon


Brine Inhalation Therapy


Bali Paradise Experience


State-of-the-art sunless tanning


Penthouse Lounge and Terrace with a Skylight Hot Tub


Full retail shop


I definitely want to go back and check out the spa; I have a stay-cation planned later this summer and could definitely see myself spending the whole day there starting with a couple of services like a massage and facial, and then staying to relax in the steam room, brine inhalation room, or Bali experience room.

Additional new services and treatments include a Pigmentation Peel, Redness Peel and Blemish and Oil Reduction Peel, Non-Surgical Facelift, LED Lift Treatment, LED Light Treatment, specialty facials, as well as new alternative therapies including Reiki Crystal Therapy and Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture that can improve or increase the production of collagen and elastin, naturally.

For a full list of new services and pricing visit:

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Pure Barre Brookline

I love Barre, the ballet inspired workout that uses your own body weight (or very light weight) with stretching after each exercise to produce longer, leaner muscles. It had been a while since I’d taken a class at Pure Barre – the studio that first introduced me to this type of workout – so I was excited to check out the new Brookline space last weekend with some blogger friends! It was gorgeous!


The class was even harder than I remembered – I’ve been taking barre classes at local gyms recently, and they don’t even come close to Pure Barre! I was sore for days after.


They also had tons of cute workout clothes on sale, but I resisted the urge for a major shopping spree!


Taking this class made me realize how much I’ve missed Pure Barre. I might just take advantage of their new client special,which you can buy even if you’ve been to other locations.

What’s your favorite barre workout in Boston?

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Happy New Year!

It’s a bit belated, but in the spirit of the New Year I wanted to do a quick post with updates on some exciting things that happened at the end of 2013 (the reason my posts on this blog have been so sporadic) and my resolutions for 2014.

First the Updates:

1. I started a new job in October 2013, as a Senior Consultant in Business Planning at Partners Healthcare. Some of you may know that up until October 2012 I was working at a start up in healthcare IT. The start up sold (a good thing for the company) and I tried to give the new company a chance but ultimately it just wasn’t for me. I spent months interviewing for what seemed like my dream job, and after a lengthy process was finally hired (yay)! Career wise it’s a great opportunity with tons of potential and I’m sure I made the right decision.

2. Also in October, we adopted an adorable pomeranian puppy Louis (short for LV, obviously)! He’s six months old, and almost full grown at 7 lbs. I absolutely love him, he is sooo cute, and has such a great personality! If you follow me on twitter or facebook you’ve probably seen some of these pics.

LouisCollage3. I’m moving back to Boston! The bf and I are moving to Southie (sometime in Feb or Mar). We found an amazing condo about 1/2 mile from Andrew Square that has everything we were looking for. This will be the third move in the past two years, so I’m glad to have finally found a place that will be at least semi-permanent.

4. I’m working on two exciting projects I can’t describe in detail right now, but I’m hoping they both gain some traction in 2014. More to come (hopefully!) later this year.

Now the resolutions:

Losing weight is always on my list, and I’ve tried just about every fad diet out there. I know this is not healthy or sustainable so this year I’ve decided to try something different. Through blogging I’ve met a lot of great people including some health and wellness experts. While they all have different programs and perspectives, there is one point they all seem to agree with. Diets and counting calories don’t work. What’s most important is balancing exercise with eating natural, whole foods, and paying attention to how your body feels. I’ve been reading Kendall’s tips for a #KendallClean life this January, and her advice seems to resonate the most with me. You should definitely check her out!

My resolutions specifically around weight loss are:

1. Unless I have specific plans to go out to dinner, cook every meal at home (and as much as possible cook from scratch). No more takeout, fast food, or cafeteria at work.

2. Do grocery shopping every Sunday, and meal prep for the week as much as possible as soon as I get home.

3. Do at least three workouts a week that are a mix of cardio and strength training. I’ve been working out with my amazing trainer Celeste for about six weeks now. She trains me once a week (aka kicks my butt) and gives me homework for two more days during the week. I plan to continue in 2014, and just need to find a new gym and routine when I move to Southie (I will miss the convenience of a gym in the building).

4. Use this blog as I originally intended; a place to write regularly about my progress toward health and fitness goals.

Other Resolutions:

1. Six months of living expenses in savings by the end of the year (buying the condo made a serious dent in the savings I had)

2. Organize my pictures and books – I completed this last weekend! I put all of my loose pictures in albums, and bought a bookshelf specifically for cookbooks and food-related books (this took care of all of the books stacked up on the floor in my den).

3. Write at least one article or blog post for a source other than the blogs I currently maintain (or am a contributor).

This is the first time I’ve ever posted resolutions for all the world (internet to see). I hope this year it makes me more accountable!

What are your new year’s resolutions?

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Urban Art Bar

Last week Blog and Tweet Boston headed to Southie for a fun night of painting and socializing at Urban Art Bar!

Urban Art Bar, which recently celebrated it’s one year anniversary, was founded by Southie resident Heather Carbone who wanted to combine her musical prowess, her love for all forms of art and the presence of popular contemporary music to create a socially entertaining atmosphere for all to thrive in. Many of the paintings have a local theme, including ours: Daytime Skyline.


We started with some cocktails and some tasty apps catered from a local restaurant (they work with several in the area). My favorite of the cocktails was the ginger rose, made with strawberry flavored liquor and ginger ale.

cocktail drinkspecials

After our social hour, we were lucky enough to grab a prime table right up front. Our Instructor Renee was great! I was a little worried because I’m not an artist, but her step by step instructions were pretty fool proof. She kept the pace just right for our class and made sure to stop by and check in on each of us after each of the major steps.

Here’s a look at how my painting progressed throughout the night:


And our group’s final product:


We had a great time, and it’s definitely something I’d do again for a fun night out with friends or a special occasion like a birthday party or bachelorette!

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Cerulean Blu, Blush Tanning, and Healthy Chicks with Blog and Tweet Boston

A couple of weeks ago I attended a Blog and Tweet Boston Event designed to get you looking and feeling your best for summer! The timing was perfect, since my trip to West Palm Beach was just a few days later.

The event took place at Cerulean Blu, a Newbury Street shop specializing in swim and resort wear. Owner Desiree discussed the concept behind the store – a judgement free, spa like atmosphere, free of fluorescent lights and unflattering styles, where you can go to find the perfect suit for your body type. There was even a fashion show with real girls wearing suits from the store, each with a target problem area. The suits definitely did their job because I thought they all looked amazing! I went back a few days later to try on a suit they’d recommended.

Of course they were spot on and I had to get it for my trip! The neckline is very flattering, drawing attention up and away from problem areas. The high cut bottom lengthens legs, and textured body camouflages the stomach. I even found the perfect matching accessories, for a complete outfit!

outfit suit

They had tons of other cute stuff, and I had a hard time not buying a whole new summer wardrobe!


clothes  sunglasses

We also had a great talk on body image by Rachel, the founder of Healthy Chicks.  Rachel is a certified Health Coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She had some really good tips for us on how to pay attention to your body and focus on how foods make you feel rather than the calorie count.


We finished with a demonstration from Blush Airbrush Tanning, in their mobile spray tan unit. I was lucky enough to be picked for the demonstration (the only time I’ve been glad for my impossible to tan, porcelain complexion)! I tried the partial tan on my arms, neck, and face. It looked so natural, I booked an appointment at the Wellesley salon just a couple of days later to get ready for my trip!

booth colors decoration products

Blush, founded by Christina Kauffman, uses products designed for them by Aviva Labs, which are safe and natural. They are fragrance and oil free as well as hypoallergenic, which means they won’t irritate or dry out your skin or clog your pores.

There are a wide range of colors available, so you can go as light or as dark as you’d like. There are also formulas available with varying times to dry, so if you’re in a rush you can be ready to shower or hit the gym in as little as 30 minutes.

I tried the standard which takes about eight hours to dry, and just wore loose clothing for the rest of the day. At the end of the eight hours, I rinsed off in the shower and I was good to go.

My tan looked great and lasted about a week, although I may be the only person to come back from vacation less tan than when I left. I booked a second appointment this week so I can maintain my glow for the rest of the summer!


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